Get Your Film Reviewed

You want a good objective review of your film. We provide you with just that!

Our reviewers are seasoned indie film industry professionals. They follow our review process. So what, you ask?

Our reviewers utilize our proprietary process that includes 8 separate sections and over 32 questions. It is designed to ask the reviewer challenging questions about your film that are both insightful and measurable!  Now, you can have helpful feedback, maybe even get a great quote that you can use for your marketing and website.

We have grown our of unique viewers by 32,000 so far this year….and we are still climbing! Get your film in front of our audience!

We know how important reviews can be for film festivals and online distribution, so we offer a 1-week turnaround time option for an extra fee.

REGULAR REVIEW (4 weeks turnaround) – $20.00

ACCELERATED REVIEW (1 week turnaround) – $35.00

SHORT FILMS or STUDENT FILMS (under 20 min/1 week turnaround) – $15.00

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