ISN Film Fest

The Indie Spotlight Network Film Festival is an international online event of student films, short films, documentaries and feature films. This provides a home to young and vibrant film enthusiasts who are committed to the independent cinema and devoted to                                                                                             spreading modern visual art forms.

We have designed this film festival to specifically help independent filmmakers to raise their visibility through the web. We do so by providing online screenings to registered paid members (RPM) of our online community (they pay for the online screenings to watch all of the films) allowing us to promote your film online and through social media.

We reach potentially viewers from all over the world. But, we can always use your help. Get your family, friends and fans to join us at and watch your film. Each viewers casts their vote for each category. The film with the most votes from the RPMs, wins! We keep it that simply.

All submissions that become “Official Selections” will have the option of receiving distribution services from Indie Spotlight Network.