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ISN Who’s Who

There are some great people in the indie film industry.

These folks have proved their worth.

First you peers have to nominate you.

Then the indie film industry votes for you.

You can’t buy your way in to this list….. you have to earn it!


Michael Howard

Bio:Michael Howard is an actor and filmmaker and owns the indie film company Invisible Productions. With over 15 years in the film and television industry at both the independent and professional level, Howard is truly a jack-of-all-trades as he has worked in many capacities including director, writer, cinematographer, editor, actor, and more. Howard began his career in Colorado but moved to North Carolina in 2004 and has made award-winning short and feature films that have played worldwide. He’s passionate about “making films that move people. I want them to finish the film and have discussions about it and hopefully it’ll open their eyes to something new or think of things in a different way than before.”. His feature film ‘Where We’re Meant to Be’ has been racking up festival awards (including multiple Best Film wins) and will be distributed in the summer of 2017.




Arianna Tysinger

Bio: Arianna has been a working actress along the east coast from the age of 9. Starting her film career at her community college’s TV station, she has been seen in Revenge (2011),The Dolls (2013), Interitum (2017), and My Love Lextacy (2016). She is the spokesperson for CCCC and is active in the film and theatre community in Wilmington and Raleigh. She is thankful for all of her friends and family. Anytime she gets to work on stage or on camera, she is filled with joy and loves everyone she meets.


Brenda Moss-Clifton

Bio: Brenda believes being one of 12 children explains her comedic nature and most of her diversity and love for acting.  She was born in East Bend, North Carolina and grew up in High Point, North Carolina.  As an adult, she moved to Raleigh, NC to pursue her education.
Her first interest in acting began at an early age in elementary school when she tried out for the lead in the school play.  She did not get the part, but her love for acting continues to this day.  She never pursued acting again until later in life when she was forced into retirement from the IT industry, where she sold technical software solutions.  It was her banjo teacher that told her about a casting call she saw on Facebook. She didn’t get that part either.  However, from there, she built a network of casting companies, which she continues to build on and relies on to this day.

In 2013, just 3 months after working background for various production companies, she was cast in her first speaking role in Holey Matrimony; a Royal Realm Production.  Her character, Mrs. Davis, the housekeeper, allowed her to bring out her best comedic moves and credits the movie for creating her new ‘movie-family.’  She will forever be grateful to Diana Lenska of Royal Realm Productions for believing in her.

Brenda is well traveled; she has been to 17 countries and 45 states; she is an avid golfer and cyclist. Now, her newest passion is acting.  She especially loves comedy and vies for most anything, that is legal, to get a good laugh.  However, she does love a good drama.

Brenda has an insatiable love for acting, and believes one should “aspire to inspire before expiring.” AU




Joan Reilly

Bio: Joan Reilly is originally from Collingswood, NJ, but has resided in Wilmington, NC, for 30+ years. Over the years, Joan was employed at various jobs including everything from a counter person at a bowling alley to owner/manager of a restaurant to accounting assistant for a conglomerate. Always in the back of her mind was the thought of pursuing acting. An opportunity came along in 2011 to be featured in an episode of “Eastbound & Down” as a bowler alongside Lily Tomlin and she jumped at it. Since then she has worked on numerous productions, some television, many North Carolina independent films and student films. Some of her favorite projects include: Getting Into Character, Healing, Lost and Found, Even Cats, It’s Supernatural, NC Sixty and Haon. She continues to take classes at Actors Arsenal and attend workshops at every opportunity. In addition to acting, she loves music, dance and sports. She holds one national title as a scratch bowler and several other top 5 national finishes.




Lynne Smith

Bio: Lynne moved to North Carolina from the DC area and has been working steadily here as an actress ever since, most recently in the upcoming film, “Strings” and the recent festival winning “Where We’re Meant to Be” and “Karma’s Shadow.” Lynne has also appeared in the Investigation Discovery channel’s “Your Worst Nightmare” and Destination America’s “A Haunting.” She has also worked in other independent films and local commercials. Lynne has loved the opportunities working in the southeast brings including being a part of the successful series, Under the Dome, Homeland, Banshee and films such as Iron Man 3.




Bill Pacer

Bio: Bill Pacer is a mature, open minded, and versatile producer, writer and SAG/AFTRA actor who currently serves on the Board of Directors for Eno River Media Production and a judge for the North CarolinaFilm Award.  In addition, he has worked as a casting director and location scout. Bill has an unlimited perspective of life, and savors every breath and breathes boldly.  He has 100+ IMBD credits.

Will Go Far, LLC, which Bill co-owns with LaDonna Allison, epitomizes Bill’s exciting reality as they have solo shows about Ben Franklin, Mrs. Ben Franklin,Scrooge and others. And Will Go Far goes farther than simply G-rated shows. They strive to eschew social stigmas and question artificial barriers.

Known as Barefoot Bill Pacer due to his aversion to shoes, he strolls through life with joy and candor. He loves the stage, film, television, and modeling. Bill has a multifarious background and desire.

He yearns for variety and challenge. His work spans concepts from kids to controversial, horror to humorous, silly to sad. The quintessential character actor, his interpretations are dynamic and exciting. While his signature roles are Scrooge and Ben Franklin, his true signature is the ability to bring life to different and diverse individuals. He perceives every casting as an entreaty to absorb all information possible to mold the character. Creating compelling individuals is a hallmark of Bill’s dedication.

Bill made his television debut on Romper Room in 1954 on WAAM-TV (now WJZ-TV) in Baltimore. Since then, he has enjoyed the theatrical. Described as uninhibited, eccentric, eclectic, exuberant and unique, Bill defies classification.

He says, “The boundaries of the character are more essential than my personal boundaries.”





Twitter:  @Barefootbill


Jeff Kidd


Jeff grew up in Charlotte NC. He was a championship swimmer and an all around athlete. Extreme sports are a favorite of his and he is a black diamond skier, a competitive surfer and Rodeo horseback rider. He attended U.N.C. Charlotte and is a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Jeff sold Real Estate in Charlotte for many years after College.

His entertainment experience started as a Brand Ambassador, Emcee, public speaker, Event Host and Sales Rep. for DR Horton Homes and Brookwood Home Builders over a 20 year period.

Jeff’s passion has always been acting and entertaining people, so, 6 years ago he walked away from a 6 figure career in Real Estate and became an Actor with The JTA Agency in Charlotte.  He has appeared on several national TV shows, Commercials, Feature Films and International Corporate Industrials.





* Awaiting Profile information on Chip White and Carol Anne Watts