Film Festival Partner Request


It is a win/win. You win because you have a partner that helps you succeed at no cost to you. We win because you provide us with high quality films that we present to our world wide network of film distributors.

We interview your film festival for the Indie Spotlight Network.

We will do an interview with your film festival and place it on the Indie Spotlight Network.

Press Releases About Your Film Festival

We will send out 3 press releases about your film festival.

Website Link

We will list your web link and logo on our website.

Interview Winners

We will interview your winners and judges and place it on the Indie Spotlight Network

List Your Winners on our Website

We will list your winners on our web and social media sites with links back to your film festival.

Representation for the winners

We will represent your winners (if they choose to do so) for film distribution (you can use this as an additional prize).

Potential Increase Submissions

You will able to market that you have a film sales agent partnered with your film festival, this historically increases submissions.


We will do all we can to assist our partners with their success. The way our partners help us is suppling us with high quality films that we can submit to our international film distribution directory that we have created over many years.

Logo & Link Exchange

For you to include our link and logo on your website and social media pages

Send An Email

For you to send a pre-scripted email from ISN to your current and past submissions.

This partnership provides a win/win/win. The filmmaker wins because they get a chance a getting their film distributed. You win because you potentially get more submissions. We win because when can help get some great films out to engaging audiences.