Filmmaker Film Sales Request

Our most important task as your film sales agent is to help you sell your project to distributors. The film distribution arena is constantly changing. That is why we keep a real sense of what the market is. ISN will negotiate with the distributors your behalf. In most countries there are 4-5 distributors: The top tier companies have studio deals with WB, Universal, Fox, Paramount and etc… Then you have lower tier companies, the independent companies. Those are the ones we work with.

Let ISN be your Film Sales Agent and take your film to our Film Distribution Network.

We can get your film distributed in 4 easy steps!

STEP 1. Fill out the form below. One of our staff will review your film’s trailer / your film’s social media presence / your film’s website (You don’t have to have these, but it helps) to see if we will be a good fit for each other and contact you in a few days.

STEP 2. We will contact you and ask and answer questions.

STEP 3. We will then send you a link to the necessary paperwork. Please review and sign it.

STEP 4. Once we have received the signed agreement we will send you a list of deliverables. (The things we need from you to get your film distributed: Trailer, artwork, film, audio, etc…)


We will start by contacting the film distributors that we feel will most likely want your film. When the distributor shows interest in your film we will contact you with the offer information. After weighing out all of your options, you let us know if you want to proceed with the deal.

We notify you once a quarter as to any updates of your film. Any monies received for your film is paid out every 30 days.

The only fees we take out are the Film Distributors Fee (10%), ISN Sales Fee (10%), One time Film Processing Fee ($9.95 that you pay if we accept your film. This is for converting all of your film’s digital content to the Film Distributor’s needs.)

You are always in control. We make no decisions without your approval. We keep you involved every step of the way.

If you have one please put link here. If you do not have one please type "NO WEBSITE"
Not to your personal page. Type "No Social Media" if there isn't a page.
Not to your personal page. Type "No Social Media" if there isn't a page.