Why ISN Should Be Your Film Sales Agent

Why partner with ISN?

We have spent years developing our Film Distribution Network. We handle the searching and negotiations to get you the best possible deal, but you are always have the final say. We make the entire process very easy for you.

Grow your audience

We help you grow an audience for your film.

We help you with your future films

You get connected to our audience network; you will have access to our film screeners so that you can tweak your future films

We provide you Press Releases

We will send out 2 press releases about your film to our marketing and publicity partners. We will provide with these press releases so that you can put them on your web and social media sites..

We put your trailer in front of our audience

We will list your trailer on ISN for our entire audience to see. We try to provide as much promotion as possible for your film.

Up to 4 interviews

We will do an interview with you and up to 3 of your actors about your film and place it on the Indie Spotlight Network.

Best Distribution Deal

We will find you the best deal for distribution for your film.

Maximize Your Money Possibilities

We will place your film on ISN Film Showcase (if the deal in non-exclusive. This allows you to make money on your film 5 different ways.

How do you make money with your film on ISN?

We are not saying everyone makes films to make money. What we are saying is that when you make money with your films, it makes it easier with cash in hand to pay for the next one.

The Distribution Company

We research our Distributor Network and negotiate the best deal for you. We do the hard part. You stay in control. You make money.

VOD, SVOD & Streaming

Outside of Theatrical distributors there are also streaming companies. We negotiate the best deals for you. You make money.

ISN Film Showcase

Our audience searches ISN Film Showcase for great films. Let them find yours. The audience watches your film and you get paid.

ISN Film Ambassadors

The ISN Ambassadors are pop up theaters that show ISN films. They rent your film and you get paid..

ISN Talent Ticket Sales

Actors are given a chance to sell tickets to your film through their social media pages. It is a win/win. They make money. You make maoney.

Choose ISN to be your film sales agent. We do not charge any upfront fees. Let ISN get your great film in front of a hungry audience.